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Affiliate Program - Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the affiliate program for?
    Our affiliate program is aimed at people with their own website or blog who wish to earn money by sending visitors to our website. When people follow your link to our site and sign up as a professional member, we pay you 40% of their initial membership fee.
  • How much will I earn?
    You earn 40% of each membership fee whenever a new member referred by you signs up and pays. Each mebership fee is $25, so you receive $10 (or the equivalent in your local currency) for every paying member who you send to us.

    As an additional bonus, you can also earn up to $500 by referring friends to join as affiliates. For each friend who signs up and earns $100 we will credit your account with $100!
  • How does it work?
    When someone clicks on one of your links / banner ads and arrives at our website, we give them a 30-year cookie. If they sign up and pay for a pro membership at any time within 30 years, we credit your account with 40% of their fee.
  • How will I receive my payments?
    You can choose to receive your payments by postal cheque or by PayPal.
  • How often will I be paid?
    We make payments on a bi-monthly basis, so you will receive any accrued earnings at beginning of each alternate month. You can choose a minimum earning threshold (at least $25) below which we will hold over your earnings until next month until they reach the threshold. Example: if you earn $20 in Jan/Feb and your minimum threshold is set to $25, we will hold over your payment. If you earn another $10 in Mar/Apr, you will receive $30 at the end of this period, since the threshold has been passed. When you first create your account, the minimum earning threshold is set to $50. You can raise or lower it at any time.
  • Is it free to join?
    Yes. Completely free.
  • Can I view reports of my earnings / affiliate statistics?
    Yes. You can see a log of all your earnings, daily and total, along with detailed information about the number of visitors you are sending to us, how many are signing up (non-pro) and which urls they are coming from.
  • Can I send visitors from more than one website?
    Yes - so long as they are relevant and comply with all our terms and conditions.
  • Can I use my affiliate link in emails / email newsletters?
    Yes - but we have a strict anti-spam policy. No unsolicited communications are allowed.
  • Can I use my affiliate link in offline / printed or similar materials?
    Yes - you are welcome to.
  • My site is only very small with the occassional visitor. Can I still join your program?
    Of course! Our affiliate program is open to everyone.
  • Can I create my own custom links / images and graphics?
    Yes! We provide suggested link texts / images to help get you started. You are welcome to make your own links however.
  • Do I receive commission on renewals / existing members?
    No. You only receive commission the first time a member pays.
  • Where can I find out more?
    Please refer to our Affiliate Agreement for full terms and conditions. You can also Contact Us.

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